Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Green Tea Cleansing Cream

I went out with my mother in law and she said that she didn't want the color of my lipstick. She told me to try the colors of her lipstick and she said the two of them look great on me so she gave them to me. I was shy to accept them but she said she has more at home.

She gave me the Maybelline New York Forever Metallics, tangerine metal color lipstick and the Lemercier Paris Soft Feel Lip 4 colors lipsticks, the flower pink, peach, choco brown and sexy wine. She said the peach color is good on me.

She also gave me the Green Tea Cleansing Cream for all skin type. I'm using this Jeong Yeon Massage Cleansing Cream but she told me to try this green tea. She told me to use it everyday when I remove make-up and massage my face for about 30 minutes. That's too long, I think so I make it 10 minutes. Oh, she also told me to use much. She said it's not expensive and she will buy me again. Oh well, thank you Omma! I hope this cosmetics will make me prettier.

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