Sunday, June 26, 2011

My New Laptop

Finally, my hubby got me a laptop. We are on our vacation and we are expecting for a long vacation so my hubby decided to get a laptop for me. He bought it before we left. Here's what my new friend look like. An LG XNote.

It has black skin outside but white inside.

Here it is. It is small and cute. I don't need to buy a webcam and headset because it has its own cam, speaker and mic.

I love my laptop. I sometimes carry it when I go out. I can put it in my bag because it's small and handy. I love it more if it's pink but even when it's not, i'm already satisfied with it.

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sandhiya said...

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Benita Bolland said...

Funny how small a thing, just like your laptop, can mean so much. Aside from its sentimental value of being a special gift from your hubby, a laptop can be used for a lot of things. You can surf the net through it, enjoy your favorite music, watch movies, and so much more. Anyway, you’re so blessed! Congrats! :)

- Benita Bolland

mason max said...

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