Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Cooky Cellphone

Weeee! I love my hubby because he changed ice cream phone to Cooky Cellphone. Weeee I love it! It's a touch phone with lots of games (I'm having fun playing the brain teaser and tarot cafe), music, camera, video, radio and tv. I love the TV! I can watch anytime and anywhere when I'm bored when we go camping. I love the games, too! Never mind the music because I have MP3. It also has an internet but my hubby told me not to use the internet. hehehe... I think it's not free so I understand. hehe..

I'm still learning on how to use it. So whenever I'm in front of the computer or tv, or before I go to bed or when I'm in the bathroom, I always touch it and find out something new.

Anyway, I have to park my post here. I have to check out some more fun things about my cellphone. I'm still excited! hehe... Babush!

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