Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking a hot bath with milk

I always make milk shake for our breakfast but now a days we usually get up before lunch time. Instead of breakfast, I just prepare lunch so there's no time for breakfast. I was supposed to put milk on my coffee but the milk is already expired. I only made milk shake once. It's a waste if I'll throw away the more than half of it so I decided to take a hot bath and pour the milk in the bathtub.

I decided to soak my body in the bathtub for 30 minutes but before 30 minutes I felt so thirsty, weak and couldn't breathe well. I went out of the bathroom and opened the windows in the living room and sat down for a while to get some air. After a few minutes, I felt better so I went back to the bathroom to wash my nude body.

I almost died. Never stay in the bathroom for a long time because there's a possibility that we could die of suffocation.

Btw, after taking a bath with milk, my skin was very smooth so I didn't have to use lotion or moisturizer.

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Anney said...

I have tried a milk bath before and it really made my skin feel smoother