Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My day is not complete without them

You know how much I love playing with my nintendo ds. I always spend much time playing with it. I play when I'm on the bus going to work, when I go to the bathroom and before I go to bed. I can't stop once I started to play. I also bring it when I go on a long trip so I don't feel tired and bored.

My hubby also hooked on playing with the Games for the Brain and there are times that we both wanna use my nintendo together. I wish I have a nintendo wii so that we can play together at the same time. There are lots of games that I'd like to have and play. There are games that I can't only have much fun playing but also can help me lose weight.

By the way, before thinking of getting a new nintendo wii, I have to think of my sister in law's present first. Her birthday is coming soon! What do you think of this perfume for her? She likes perfumes and I think it's one of her hobbies to collect perfumes. What a great chance to see the gift ideas where we can get lots of products that we want in a very low price. It made my day complete!

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