Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lip and Eye Remover for Waterproof Mascara

I dropped by to the market to get some bread and milk. Because I was already there so I went up to the second floor to buy the Herb Day Lip and Eye Remover which is good in removing waterproof mascara. There's few left and maybe after few days my Lip and Eye Remover will be emptied.

I also bought cotton pad to use in removing some oil after using Cleansing cream. The saleslady recommended me this Silky and Soft Cotton Pad. According to its cover, it feels like feather soft on skin. It's thicker, bigger and softer than the other make up cotton pad that I used to have but the price is more than double.

As usual, I got another Pearl Essential Masksheet and two Essential Moisture Toner for free.

And because I got something for me, so I also bought 3 pairs of socks for hubby.

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