Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rice Day Rinse

What day is it today? You're right! It's a Rice Day! What are these Rice Day? Well, they are rinse that my hubby brought home when he went to his hair salon. My hubby is always concern about his look so he often goes to the hairsalon to get a haircut or magic straight. He doesn't have long hair but he wants his hair to look softer and shinier.

After work last weekend, he sent me a message and said that he would come home late because he's visiting his hair salon. I waited for him because I thought it would only took him less than an hour but after more than an hour of waiting, I texted back and asked what time he would come home. He said it would take about 2 hours more. I couldn't wait that long so I had lunch first.

Again, he brought this two bottles of Rice Day Rinse. He said the owner of the hairsalon gave him. Do you remember this rinse that he gave him last time? I haven't used the half of it and now I have another two bottles of rinse. Good job, honey! At least I don't have to buy rinse although it's not my brand but I'm still grateful to have them.

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