Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Make-Up Cabinet

I always post something about my cosmetics and I guess you're wondering what my cabinet looks like so I took a picture of the right side of my cabinet where I put some of my cosmetics.

On the upper part are the set of tony moly (I still have some), hand cream and sunscreen. In the middle part of the cabinet are sunscreen, bb cream, lotion, night mask pack, essence, domina cream, and concealer. At the lowest part is the tosowoong set that I've mentioned in my former post. My cabinet has a mirror with secret drawer inside. If you open the mirror (the mirror stands as the door of the cabinet), there's another drawer and inside it are the free stuffs and other cosmetics that I bought but not using anymore. Either it doesn't suit my skin or my hubby doesn't want me to continue to use it. Also, there's another drawer where my small stuffs like lipsticks, mascara, eye shadows, foundation, etc. are put.

I'm gonna take pictures of the rest of my cabinet next time.

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