Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I love Elizabeth Arden

I traveled in the Philippines with my hubby and our couple friend. We still had some amount of Philippine money so my hubby and his friend told us to choose what we wanted. We were full so we didn't want to buy any food. Besides we already bought at the supermarket our favorite snacks to bring home. Hubby's friend also brought some Philippine alcohol and packed in our luggage very well.

We walked around and saw the perfumes at duty free. My friend recommended Elizabeth Arden perfume. I also love the smell so we asked our husbands to buy two. One for her and one for me.

After a week, the couple visited us at home and they brought me another Elizabeth Arden body lotion and shower bath. So now, I have a set of perfume, lotion and body wash. Yipee! I love Elizabeth Arden! I love my Elizabeth Arden stuffs!

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