Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blackheads Nose Pack

I also got these black heads nose pack for free from tosowoong when my hubby bought some of their products. I've never used nose packs before so I was so happy when I saw them in the box with my ordered products. I used to ignore the black heads on my nose. I mean I didn't know that I have that lots of blackheads until I used this nose pack. It's painful when I removed it from my nose but I feel happy with the result. I can't imagine that this black sticky paper will become white after pulling it from my nose. Yuck!

I feel good after using it. I feel very comfortable after knowing that my nose is clean. Unlike before, when I press my nose, something white appears to it but after using the nose pack, nothing appears anymore not only after using it but it's clean even after several days.

Again, the blackheads nose packs are another products of tosowoong.

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