Thursday, January 2, 2014

Three System Mask Pack

Beauty is not complete with mask packs. I don't buy mask packs, I always depend to the freebies that I get when I buy some products at the beauty shops. When I buy at least $20 at my favorite shop, I usually get some samples and one of them is mask pack.

Now, I got these three system mask pack from tosowoong. They include at the freebies that I got when my hubby bought sets of the products. He ordered a lot that costs him around $300 that's why we got lots of freebies.

I and my hubby used the mask pack together. I think it has better quality than the freebies that I received from other beauty shops.

Sometimes we have to pamper our skin and mask pack is one of the best way to look younger, fresher and smoother skin.

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