Monday, April 22, 2013

Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX

We can't deny that we are getting old so Anti-wrinkle is a must-have item for me who is afraid to look old. Or should I say that my hubby is concern about my look? Whatever! My hubby bought one each of the products but this anti-wrinkles, he got two. And I'm glad that the product didn't disappoint us because I can see the good effects of the product. When my boss asked his daughters who is older than me and my other co-worker, his daughters chose my co-worker. They said it's because my co-worker has wrinkles around her eyes and I don't have. I was so happy to hear that and it means that this Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX is working well on me. Thanks to you tosowoong.

From the name itself, Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX is good for wrinkles. It contains adenosin and peptide which I think the best ingredient to avoid and remove wrinkles.

How to use: Put a little amount of anti-wrinkle on palm and apply it on the face and neck. But for me, I only use it under my eyes. The part where I have wrinkles. I apply it after Osory Oil Essence.

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