Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Osory Skin Toner and Emulsion

As soon as the products arrived, we washed our faces and tried it. Oh gosh! You can't imagine how it works on our faces. My hubby said that the price worths it. It is 23,000won each. Not that expensive I think. It's true what the reviews or comments are written in their website. It's real! Tosowoong Products are good. (I didn't get anything from Tosowoong company. I'm just giving my piece of words about their products based on what I'm feeling now.) From First Essence to this skin toner and emulsion, I can say that it's the best products that I've ever tried, so far.

This Osory Oil Skin Toner and Emulsion smoothes and moistures the skin. It has collagen, t-tree oil, Vitamin F and Vitamin E that our skin needs.

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