Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cute Summer Clothes

I don't usually post here the clothes that I buy but today, I think I bought the cute summer clothes so I want to share them to you. I met my friend that I haven't seen for many years and we had lunch together. On my way home, I got off downtown and decided to shop for summer clothes because it's now summer and I need to get new clothes. Look, what I've got!

Two shorts, 2 shirts and 4 pairs of short stockings. I got them for a very low price in one store. But the problem is, the saleslady didn't want to accept my credit card maybe because she gave me for a cheaper price so I paid in cash.

What worries me now, is I lost some of my allowance because if I paid by card, then it will be deducted in my husband's account but because I used card so my allowance for this month decreased. But I'm still happy because I think I got them for a very low price.

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