Saturday, April 20, 2013

Osory Oil Essence

Even when I apply First Essence, still my hubby bought this Osory Oil Essence. After the toner, essence applies next. My hubby doesn't like this osory oil essence much because it's too oily. It makes the face too oily and shiny. It feels uncomfortable but it has good result to my skin. So even my hubby told me not to apply it if I feel uncomfortable, I still do because I think it's good. Anyway, I apply it only at night when I go to bed so it's okay even if it's too oily.

Tosowoong Osory Oil Essence is made with osory oil and marine-collagen to help maintain and balance the skin need. It also cleanses, clears and completes the lack of nutrition of the skin.

How to use: It is used before using cream. Put about 2-3 drops on your palm and apply it on face and neck. I never use it on my neck though because it's too oily.

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Shraddha Manvi said...

Hi, Have you used the Osory Oil toner?