Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Essence AP Therapy

I know about the essence but I've never heard of the First Essence before, until my hubby bought this TIMESHIFT First Essence AP Therapy from Tosowoong.

It helps protect the skin from the dryness and other skin problems after washing your face from removing make-up. There are times that our face is rough after washing it so with this first essence, it makes our skin so smooth and soft.

This Time Shift First Essence AP Therapy also helps whiten the skin and help remove wrinkles. Apply it after washing your face. It is the first one or first step in your cosmetics. It applies before the skin toner which I think toner comes first. But this essence is the first one to apply that's why it is called the "First Essence".

You can see some differences when you apply it on your face. It's a kind of magic. You will never know unless you will apply it.

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