Friday, February 12, 2010

Sulwhasoo Skin and Emulsion

My hubby told me not to use the skin toner and moisturizer that I have now. He said it's not good for my skin so he asked his hairdresser about cosmetics. His hairdresser recommended Sulwhasoo. My hubby checked on the net and found that it has a good remark from the customers based on the reviews that he read. Buying the one in the big bottle is too expensive so he tried to order the samples.

As you see, there are lots of freebies that I received when I buy some cosmetics. Those in the small bottles are samples and they are just give aways if you buy cosmetics. My hubby ordered these Sulwhasoo samples on the net and they were delivered after 2 days.

They were samples but hubby bought these 62 pieces of 5ml bottles of Sulhwasoo Balancing water (skin/toner) and emulsion for more than 20 dollars. They are too cheap compare to the real price of Sulwhasoo not in sample pack.

The parcel came yesterday and I'm still waiting for the real outcome of this new cosmetics of mine. I hope it will give a good impression to my skin. I'm expecting a lot from it. hehe..

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Claudia Lawrence said...

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ad said...

Hi there, where did your hubby buy the sulwhasoo samples from? It sounds like he got a really good price for them! Thanks!