Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extreme Volume Mascara

My hubby bought 2 waterproof mascara for me on the plane when we went to Thailand but that was more than a year ago. I've been using them for more than a year now and I think they are already expired. After a few hours of wearing mascara, my eyes were turning red and painful so I decided to change it. I bought this Extreme Volume Mascara Magic Eyelash Curlier from The Face Shop. A mega volume mascara with power curling.

Extreme Volume Magic Curling System features magic lash curling brush to separate, build and curl lashes to the extreme. Balloon air formula curls lashes up further as it dries. Stubborn smudge-resistant formula easy to remove with water.

The black one is the mascara and the rest are free stuffs. They are all Miindo cosmetics. Mibeg foam, toner, emulsion, sunscreen, cream, and BB cream. I love the diamond shine lipgloss.

Here's the Mobile Mini Lipgloss. Isn't it cute? I don't have to worry when I don't carry my cosmetics pouch because my mini lipgloss is always with me wherever I go.

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