Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashion Earrings

I bought this accessories when I went downtown. I bought 2 sets of underwears (can't show them..hehe..) then I saw this store selling fashion earrings so I bought 4 pairs.

Actually, I was just killing my time so I spent long time choosing the pairs of earrings. After buying the underwears, I didn't have anything in mind on what to do or buy next. But I didn't wanna go home that early. I've just come and go home? Oh no! that's not fun! So I walked around and trying to look for things and I came with the earrings. I just saw some ladies buying so I chose my own and bought them.

I haven't worn the 2 pairs yet. I'm thinking of wearing them after winter. They are big and long so they don't match with scarf or turtle neck shirts.

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