Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gel Hand Wash, Essence and Powder

Hubby's uncle gave us this gel hand wash to avoid getting flu. I feel protected when I use it but my hands are rough after using it not to mention the alcohol smell. But because it's good, I always use it. I even put some in small bottle and always carry it wherever I go. I use the gel when I'm out specially when I get off the bus. My hubby sometimes gets angry with me because I always force him to use it before we get in the car from public places. I'm just aware of the flu.

These packs of cream and essence are from my mother in law. She said it's good for the skin. It's also gel like the picture above. It's a little bit sticky but after a few seconds it's just like cool water that you put on your face. Uhm, I don't see any difference on my face except the cool and fresh feeling on my face.

Aunt gave this Escada powder to my mother in law and my mother in law passed it to me. She said she has many face powder. Absolutely! Last time she asked me to choose the face powder that I want so I chose this powder. But I still prefer The Flower Real UV Intense Powder Pact SPF 50+PA++.

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