Thursday, January 1, 2009

How old is your brain?

Here's my new Nintendo DS game chip. It's hard to accept that my brain age is more than my real age. Is it because I always sleep and my brain is getting terrible? Or because i'm just getting older so I act slowly and forgetful. Whatever! If I didn't buy this game, I can't pay attention on my brain. I don't read books and I watch too much tv so I forgot what I learned specially mathematics. I used to like math but now I can't answer even simple or basic math. That's too bad! Do I have to go back to school again?

It's fun to play the game and it's a great game to exercise my brain. I have to think and concentrate to answer some questions. After doing and answering the questions, it will tell how old your brain is. Well, don't bother yourself to ask my I.Q. I told you, my brain is older than my real age. hihihi...

By the way, Happy New Year!

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