Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My wish list

Merry Christmas everyone! I think blogspot is under construction because I can't post any pictures. I can't even see the half of my layout for almost a month now so I can't link some friends who already linked me up. waaahhhh... Sorry guys! I'll link you up as soon as I can.

Btw, I wish you a Merry Christmas! Only few minutes left and it's now Christmas. What are your plans for this season? Have you got all your wish for this year and did you make another wish list? I got everything on my wish list except laptop that my hubby said, I don't need it because I have computer at home and I don't go out. He said it's not right to get a laptop when I even don't have time to blog. Hmmm... I agree but it's what I always want to have so If i'll make another wish list, then laptop is still the number one on my list. hehehe...How about you? What are on your list?

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S-H-Y said...

My wish list is iphone 3G, Louis Vitton bag, new camera and new laptop..