Saturday, January 10, 2009

My fingernails

It's too expensive to get a manicure here that's why I always clean my finger and toe nails by myself. I keep my fingernails long and I feel uncomfortable when I cut them short. Actually, I don't cut them short unless when I have no choice because I accidentally hit something and need to cut it. If you check my kit in my bag, I always carry a nail cutter just in case that it accidentally ruined my nail. Some says that I have beautiful fingernails but others say that they are terrible that look like a witch. Well, whatever they say, I like my finger nails and I don't have any plan to cut them short like what others want. My hubby likes my fingernails, too. I'm just wondering if it's because he always asked me to scratch his back whenever he's itchy. I hope that's not the real reason. kekekek...

I started to keep my fingernails long since I was in high school. I often cut them but just a very small amount on both sides and on top when it's necessary.

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