Thursday, December 11, 2008

My new stockings

I wear slippers at work so whenever I change my shoes, I always see a small hole on my stockings. I wondered if I wore the stockings with hole or they were torn because of my new shoes. It happened twice in a consecutive days so the next day, I wore new stockings with the same shoes and put another pair of stockings in my bag. I saw another hole with those stockings. Yaiks! The shoes ruined my stockings! Goodness! I threw away 3 pairs of stockings so I bought these.

The two pairs look good and more comfortable on my feet so the next day, I bought another 3 pairs. Just perfect to wear for a week.
Although it's winter now and I can't wear them often, but it's a pleasure to have them either in my closet or my feet. hehehe...

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