Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lip and Eye Remover

After a long time of not visiting my blog and updating it, I'm glad to see people visiting here although I was away for a long time. Thanks everyone and sorry for not replying immediately because I was busy as a bee for the past few days.

By the way, here's my new brand of lip and eye remover. There's only a few left for my lip and eye remover so I went to the shop to get one. The saleslady was too talkative so she offered me to try this Herb lip and eye remover. She saw that I was wearing waterproof mascara so she said this newly product is really good. I trusted her so I bought one. Besides I really had a hard time cleaning my eyes using my former brand "Migasoo", rice water lip and eye remover. But with this new brand, I feel more relax and doesn't take much time in cleaning my eyes unlike before that I always complain because I have to spend more time specially when I'm tired and lazy to clean up my face.

Here's the product (on the left). The rest are all free! They are just give aways. Tonic with Essential and daily moisturizer in a small bottle, BB Cream and Extreme Moisture Serum in a small pack and Pearl Essential masksheet.

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