Sunday, December 29, 2013

Osory Oil 100% Mineral Soap

Besides from the monster soap***, this mineral soap is also one of the best soap that I've ever tried. Like the monster soap, it also cleanses the face carefully. It makes the skin clear, soft and smooth.

The box of the mineral soap is pure white so I expected the content to be white but I was what I saw inside.

It's dark brown. It looks like chocolate.

Instead of cleansing soap, we switched to mineral and monster soap. Mineral soap is for my hubby and I have the monster soap.

The soaps are both good for the skin. They cleanse easily and makes the skin soft and smooth. The difference is, the mineral soap makes the skin smoother but monster soap cleanses better. So for me who wears make-up, monster soap is better and for my hubby, mineral soap is much better.

I don't get anything from tosowoong but I can say that their products are good. Oh, but the price is a little bit high. They are a little bit expensive.

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