Saturday, December 28, 2013

Monster Cleansing Soap

Have you ever heard of the monster soap? Well, it's also my first time to see this monster soap of tosowoong. When my hubby bought sets of their products, we received a sample of the soap. My hubby told me to try it because the products that we bought are all good, I decided to use it and it didn't disappoint me because like other products of tosowoong, this monster soap is also great for the skin.

It cleanses the skin well. I don't need to use make-up and eye remover because it cleanses well including mascara. It's more comfortable because cleans my face easily. It removes the make-up easily.

What interests me more about the monster soap is its story. It says that long time ago, there was an ugly prince who became handsome after using the soap. Haha...

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