Monday, June 10, 2013

Atrix Strong Protection Hand Cream

Hand Lotion is also one of the items that I have all year round and Atrix Strong Protection Hand Cream is the brand that I can't never change specially in winter. It makes my hands soft and my fingernails strong so they don't cut often. I always keep my fingernails long so atrix stong protection hand cream is perfect for me.

When I went to e-mart, I went to the area where I can get some toothpaste and I saw that the hand cream is on sale so I got one.

It is also 66% more compared to the other bottles so I decided to get one even if the one that I have at home has still much content. For me, buying more with the same product that we still have doesn't mean we are shopaholic but I consider them a wise buyer like me. Don't you think so?

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