Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aging cut UV Block

My boss gave me this Aging cut UV Block super sunblock from Coreana cosmetics brand. I've never had Coreana cosmetics before so it's my first time to use this brand. At first, I was afraid to try it so I put a little on my face waited for a while. I couldn't feel any strange on my skin so I keep using it. I apply it every weekend when I don't go out and don't put any make-up. I'm afraid to mix it with make-up so I just apply it when I stay home.

Aging cut UV Block Super SPF 50+/PA+++ keeps water system anti-pollution formula for face and body. I applied it once on my arms but it's sticky and I have to put much amount so I never applied again. I only apply it on my face so I can use it for a long time. Besides, I don't need to apply suncream on my body because it's now fall and I always wear clothes with long sleeves or jacket.

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