Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garlic for Freckles

It's summer again and although I use sunscreen, it's hard to avoid the sunlight specially when you go out. I got sunburn and I'm having some freckles on my cheeks so my hubby checked on the net on how to remove freckles. He came to a site where it suggested that garlic is the best way to remove freckles.

My hubby bought mineral water and took out some garlics from the refrigerator and ground them. He put the garlic in the mineral water and put in the bottle. He wrapped the bottle with newspaper and plastic and put in the refrigerator. Here it is.

After one day, remove the garlic with a drainer. Dab a cotton and put to the area with freckles and leave it for a night. You will smell garlic the whole night but if you want a pretty face then endure the smell.

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