Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Better and Beautiful Car

It's my brother in law's vacation so they visited us. They came even when they live far from us. Maybe because they have bought a new car. I was surprised because their car is not that too old to change. I heard that my sister in law picks up her son in school and her son's friends have better cars so they decided to change theirs. Oh well, I'm speechless because for me, it's not important if the car is old or new but the most important is the safetiness of the whole family. And I think it's not wise to change the car when it really works well. If you want a better and beautiful car, just change the parts that needed to be changed and put some accessories.

My mother in law asked the price and asked whose car is more expensive. Ours or my brother in law's. They said they have the same price although they have different brands. My brother in law has two kids so I think his car needs a grille guard for the protection of the whole family. I think my sister in law will also appreciate it if I recommend some nice accessories for their new car specially those parts that can protect them in any danger like custom grills, chrome accessories, tail lights, etc.

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Tey said...

I realized that it's not really the price . It's about how you maintain your car to make it last longer. Thanks for sharing and have a great day
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