Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fight Night Round 4

My hubby bought one more xbox controller. Last month, he gave one to my sister in law's husband because he broke his. The one that I used. We haven't played together for a long time because of our busy schedule. But then he decided to buy one more controller because he wanted to play with me again. I'm not good at sports or any games including xbox or play station. I'm getting better with my nintendo game I think but I lost my interest anymore.

My hubby bought a controller and cd game, Fight Night Round 4. It's a boxing game. We play boxing and we are having fun. I don't like watching or playing bloody things but I think it's a good way to release stress. Oh, I recommend this game if you're angry with your husband. Just imagine that you're hitting him whenever you hit your opponent. hihihi...

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