Friday, March 5, 2010

Miindo Mibaeg Sun Cream

It seems like winter is gonna be over soon. I hate cold weather and want it to be ended soon but I don't like hot weather either. I prefer summer than winter but I'm afraid that my skin will get sunburned. My freckles have just started to disappear so I'm worried that they would come back.

When I bought the Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner and Extreme Volume Mascara, I received sets of Miindo Sample Products. From Foam Cleanser to Suncream. I tried it and I can say that the product is good but my hubby said Sulhwasoo is better because it's more expensive and they use natural ingredients. I agree but I only have Sulwhasoo Toner and Emulsion so I use the Miindo Foam, Cream, and Suncream. And for Essence, I use the Linitie Balancing Skin Care from my mother in law.

I'm so happy when I receive free stuffs but now I realized that it's also good for the company to give samples specially when the product is good. I tried the Miindo Mibaeg Suncream and I think it's good so I bought this Myeonghan Miindo Mibaeg Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++.

It is three or four times more expensive than my former Sunscreen so I think it's better. My former one is just SPF 42 PA++ but this Miindo is SPF50+ PA+++. I'm just worried of the sunny weather so I changed my former sunscreen.

On the left photo is another free set of Miindo and on the right is a free cosmetic pouch.

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Tey said...

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