Sunday, February 1, 2009

My brand lotion

I use much lotion in the winter because I always take a shower with hot water. I went shopping for groceries so I saw my brand lotion is on sale. It's buy one take one so I didn't get any second thought not to buy it. My lotion is almost empty so the sale price is just perfect because i'm planning to buy before it will be emptied.

I've just noticed that my brand are getting on sale. If you remember this Foam Cleanser, I also got it for more than 50% discount. Do you think this year of the ox is my lucky year for my shopping spree? Or is it just coincidence that some of them are on sale? Or they are not just good and people don't buy them so they lower the price? Oh well, whatever at least I like them and they have at least one customer to sell their products.

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