Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's all what she needs

Payday is coming again. Just a few days left and we can receive our salary. Just a few days left but my co-worker can't wait for those coming days. She really needed some money to send to her parents whose in need. Her mom called her many times asking if she already transfered some money in her account. My co-worker couldn't do anything but to asked me if I have some money. She knows that my boss gives me some money to use for some expenses in the office or use when I give salary to part-time workers. But unluckily, the money that I have are not enough to send to her parents. She waited for my boss so she can get some advance salary but my boss didn't come.

My co-worker always needs some money in advance. Her salary is not enough to support her family. I can't help anything but to tell her about the payday loans. I think it's all what she needs. She can get loan anytime because it is 24 hours a day online. Besides, she can make sure that she can get an instant approval as soon as she applied for her loans.

I'm glad that I found the site. I'm sure it's a great help for her.

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drewmartin said...

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