Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flying to Canada

I'm so excited on our next trip. This time we are going to Canada. We were supposed to go there last year but we changed our mind because there wasn't any available plane ticket. We were told to wait about two months for the ticket but we couldn't so we decided to go to the island and stayed there for almost a year. We enjoyed our stay in the island but i'm sure we'll enjoy our vacation in Canada more. I can't wait for our visit especially when I heard that there Canadian casinos.

I'm not a gambler but it's not bad to try and have fun to play the slots Canada. I think it's also fun to play online so when I have time I'll try to play it online. I wanna try my luck in Canada. Who knows I can come home with lots of dollars after playing in the Canadian dollar dasinos. We are flying soon and I can't wait for this trip that I waited for almost a year.

Have a nice trip to us!

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