Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moisturizer and Suncream

I spend much for lotion because I also put lotion at night after taking a shower. I went to the shop and check what kind of lotion to get. I decided to change my brand lotion because the Honey Suckle 24 Moisture Body Lotion caught my attention. The saleslady recommended me another one but I chose Honey Suckle because I sometimes use honey when I soak my body at the bathtub. I already tried honey and it's good. This honey suckle is good and what I love the most is the smell but it doesn't last though.

Besides from the moisturizer, I also bought Natural Sun AQ Body and Family Mild Sun Milk SPF 40 PA+++. It's my brand of suncream. So I use Honey suckle at night and Natural Sun AQ sunscreen during the day.

I only bought the sunscreen and moisturizer and the rest are all free. I received the napkin (tissue), wet tissue, set of toner and emulsion and the magic hair pad.

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