Friday, October 8, 2010

Boston and Rockchic Cap

We bought new caps. A blue Boston Cap for my hubby and a Rockchic cap for me. We're gonna wear them when we go on a trip. We are planning to go on a trip soon that's why we bought our MP3's and caps. We had a hard time finding our caps. I tried a lot of caps and most of them are too big for me. My hubby said that I have a small head. And those that fit to my head have strange styles and colors. My hubby didn't like them. We've been looking for our caps for a long time. Whenever we went to that shopping mall to buy groceries, we always checked if there were new arrival caps but we couldn't find in that shop. And when we went to another shop, we went to the caps corner and finally found one for me. And because I already found mine, my hubby went to the sports shop and looked for his. He was looking for Boston cap and he found what he was looking there. So here they are. Our new caps.

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