Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get Ten Stamps and Get Free Gift Sets

Although I don't wanna go back to the cosmetic store because of the saleslady, but I already got 9 stamps and if I would buy one more product, I can get free stuffs. So I decided to go there again to buy Suncream. I bought Natural Sun AQ Body and Family Mild Sun Milk SPF40 PA+++.

Then I got this Marine Stem Cell, Cell Revive Special Gift Set (4pcs). It's an ultimate anti-aging skin care with marine stem cell. It includes Marine Stem Cell Revive Toner (30ml), Marine Plant Stem Cell Cell Revive Serum (5ml), Marine Stem Cell Cell Revive Emulsion (30ml) and Marine Plant Stem Cell Cell Revive Capsule Gel Cream (10ml).

Last Friday, I also got a message on my cellphone telling that I could receive some discount if I would buy worth $50 but my feeling is not the same as usual. Unlike before that I would hurry to the store if I receive a message but not anymore.

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