Monday, August 23, 2010

The New Saleslady and the Newly-opened Shop

Oppss..It has been a long time. I wasn't busy and I have lots of pictures and cosmetics to share but I'm lazy to upload some pictures. I always think of posting them when I do something else but when i'm in front of the computer, it's either I forgot all about them or I was too lazy.

Btw, I may change my cosmetics brand because I don't like the new saleslady in the store. I think the saleslady whom I always met in the shop quit. I wonder why this ugly with lots of skin troubles on her face could work in the cosmetic shop. Do you think her customer will come if they see that she has lots of pimples? And what's funny about it? My hubby asked the steps on how to use the cosmetics. She said first is the toner, moisturizer then essence. I just smiled and told hubby that the saleslady was wrong. I said, essence has to use first before moisturizer. Hubby said, he knows that but he just tried the saleslady.

Anyway, it's only because I don't like the saleslady that's why i'm changing my cosmetic shop. The main reason is because there's a bigger cosmetic shop opened close to my apartment. And the cosmetics is more popular and I hope better than what I'm using now.

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