Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bag Collections

I went to the department store with my hubby. I saw a bag and asked him to buy it for me. I have many bags in the closet. My hubby knows that. His friend even said that I have the same hobby with his sister, the hobby of collecting bags. Even when I have many bags, I can't deny that these wholesale handbags also caught my attention. You can't blame me because if you check them out by yourself, you can know the reason why.

Besides from the handbags, these wholesale rhinestone caps, also caught my attention. You know, it's summer so I'm also planning to get a new cap. Last time that I went to the department store to get a cap, I went home without carrying anything. I tried many caps but none of them could fit me well. But when I saw these rhinestone caps, it's too hard to decide which one to get because I like most of them. They are the caps that I'm looking for. Caps with great style and colors.

I think I will visit or check out this handbag blog often so I can get an idea about the latest handbags, caps, purse and belts. Another blog and site for shopping. Yipee!

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