Friday, July 10, 2009

My Animal Crossing game

Oh dear! Sorry for not updating my blog for a long time. I also feel sorry for those who want to exchange link but haven't linked, yet. I'll do it as soon as possible. I was too busy. Busy as a bee! I'm just snatching some time here on the computer. I'm gonna post again soon.

What makes me busy? My work and while taking a rest I thought of playing nintendo DS. I haven't played it for almost three months so I was surprised to see my house in the Animal Crossing game that it has lots of cockroaches. My yard was full of grasses and my loan increased. It made me laugh but also upset. Now, I think I have to play the game at least once a week or else I can't pay my house loan. hahaha...

Opppsss...I'm at work and I'm gonna post what I've got lately. I bought another cosmetics and I'm gonna tell you about it next time.

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