Friday, June 5, 2009

Marine Spa Cleansing Foam

I think this cleansing foam is not bad. It looks good and expensive but my hubby doesn't want me to try it. I have a sensitive skin so my hubby is afraid that this cleansing foam will ruin my face again like what happened when I tried other brands. I use Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foam Cleanser for my face. I used the other brands and until now they are still in the bathroom and never tried them anymore because my pimples appeared when I used them.

This Velvizo Marine Spa Cleansing Foam doesn't seem bad so I sometimes thinking of trying it. I have to wait for the cleansing foam in the bathroom to be emptied then I'll try it although I'm a little bit worried. I'll let you know guys with the outcome.

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1 comment:

Tey said...

it is really scary to try different products especially when you have sensitive skin. So I stay in one brand as much as I can. Natural products can be good.
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