Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Three Minute Massage Skin Massage

A Three Minute Massage with Gyeol Improves Skin Complexion

*Massaging the skin for 3 minutes with Gyeol Products makes skin complexion bright and healthy.*

1. Rub your hands together, and press the lymph area behind the ears with your warm hands.
2. Gently press the spot next to the nostrils.
3. Gently press the bones around the eye socket.
4. Massage the lymph area in front of the ears.
5. Move your finger tips towards your temples and gently press.
6. Wrap your face with two hands and rest.

I tried it and I think it's not only food for the skin but also makes your mind and body relax. It's so relaxing specially if you it with your eyes closed.

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