Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Face & It Designing Eye Shadow

Oh yes, here! I've got another beauty products.

I received a text message on my cellphone telling that I can get Special Gift if I would buy something. I didn't know what to buy because I don't need anything but I like getting free stuffs so I looked around the shop and this Face & It Designing Eye Shadow Mint and Coral caught my eyes.

If you'll buy the eye shadow, again you can get The Faceshop Pure Blossom Shimmering BB cream SPF15, PA+ and The Faceshop Diamond Shine Lipgloss (Mobile Mini Lipgloss) PK104 for free.

And here's the Special Gift that they have mentioned. The three sets of Natural Sun AQ Special Gift. The Natural Sun AQ Perfect Suncream SPF50+ PA+++ 20 ml, The Natural Sun AQ Super White Suncream SPF50+ PA+++ 20 ml, and The Natural Sun AQ Cooling Sun Gel SPF40 PA+++ 20ml.

And this set of white tree toner, moisturizer and cream is also free.

I always have Oil Blotting Paper in my bag. I need it for my oily skin specially now that it's getting summer. I also use it even in winter. It's already my habit to use it after work. I feel that my face is greasy when I don't use it.

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