Friday, May 20, 2011

My Make-up Kit

I was cleaning my drawer and decided to take a picture of my cosmetics. They are my brand of cosmetics. Mostly they are bought at the Face Shop. The rest brands are presents from my mother in law. The free toner and moisturizers are in the brown box and in the blue box are sample toner and moisturizer bought by my hubby online. He just heard that they are good and told me to try them.

In the front that in packs are all free stuffs. They are cream and masks pack. I just love buying cosmetics. I think it's my hubby's fault because he always recommends me to buy something. He always says, I should have like this or like that. Anyway, he never complains when I buy cosmetics no matter how much it is. Besides, I think he likes it when he sees me buying a new one.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lancome Paris

Another present from my mother in law, Lancome Paris. Whenever I'm at the airport duty free, I always check the cosmetics shop. And Lancome cosmetics is one of the items that I'd like to have. I've never had this brand and thanks to my mother in law and now I have the set of lipstics, eye shadows, compact powder, and mascara.

Here it is. It's not new but not too old. She only used the lipsticks. There are two compact powder, 8 eye shadows, 2 lipstics and a mascara. I've never tried it so I don't know if it's good but I love the case so I love it. I really do!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Pink Stuffs

I love pink so Ilm always happy when I have pink stuffs. Most of them are from my hubby. He knows my favorite color so when there's pink available, he gets them except clothes. He doesn't like me wearing pink clothes. He prefers red when it comes to clothes. Anyway, here are my favorite stuffs.

My pink ice cream phone, cooky phone, mp3 and nintendo DS. Oh, my nintendo DS is white only the cover is pink.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Cooky Cellphone

Weeee! I love my hubby because he changed ice cream phone to Cooky Cellphone. Weeee I love it! It's a touch phone with lots of games (I'm having fun playing the brain teaser and tarot cafe), music, camera, video, radio and tv. I love the TV! I can watch anytime and anywhere when I'm bored when we go camping. I love the games, too! Never mind the music because I have MP3. It also has an internet but my hubby told me not to use the internet. hehehe... I think it's not free so I understand. hehe..

I'm still learning on how to use it. So whenever I'm in front of the computer or tv, or before I go to bed or when I'm in the bathroom, I always touch it and find out something new.

Anyway, I have to park my post here. I have to check out some more fun things about my cellphone. I'm still excited! hehe... Babush!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Green Tea Cleansing Cream

I went out with my mother in law and she said that she didn't want the color of my lipstick. She told me to try the colors of her lipstick and she said the two of them look great on me so she gave them to me. I was shy to accept them but she said she has more at home.

She gave me the Maybelline New York Forever Metallics, tangerine metal color lipstick and the Lemercier Paris Soft Feel Lip 4 colors lipsticks, the flower pink, peach, choco brown and sexy wine. She said the peach color is good on me.

She also gave me the Green Tea Cleansing Cream for all skin type. I'm using this Jeong Yeon Massage Cleansing Cream but she told me to try this green tea. She told me to use it everyday when I remove make-up and massage my face for about 30 minutes. That's too long, I think so I make it 10 minutes. Oh, she also told me to use much. She said it's not expensive and she will buy me again. Oh well, thank you Omma! I hope this cosmetics will make me prettier.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Honey Suckle Body Lotion

I just love the smell. It smells sweet and fresh. I like to use it after taking a bath at night. I don't think it moisturizes or whitens my skin but I love using it. I'm just a big fan of its smell. I don't use perfume so the smell is really good and it takes longer. I usually use it at night before going to bed. I don't use it when I go out or during the day, I use Suncream Body Lotion, instead.

Anyway, I love Honey Suckle Body Lotion. Btw, the rest of cosmetics on the right are freebies.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ponds Flawless White

I'm just curious with its name. Flawless White. Does it really make my skin white? I visited Philippines and I was hanging out with my friends at the mall when I saw this Ponds Flawless White Re-brightening Night Treatment on sale. It was buy one take one! My friend said she tried it and it's good so I decided to get one. At first, I was worried if I would use it or not. Besides, I still have many night cream so I don't know which one to use. Then I decided to try it for a night but it has good outcome so I continue to use it until now. Actually, I'm looking for the shop here but I couldn't find any. I'm planning to buy more including the other products. I think it's not yet available here in Korea. There are some ponds products but they aren't flawless white. Anyway, I'll try to look to another store. I hope I could find one.

Ponds Flawless White Re-brightening Night Treatment helps rejuvenate and visibly brighten tired skin. VAO-B3 complex fades away dark spots and blemishes; nourishes skin, making it soft and smooth; and light and non-greasy formula, easily absorbed.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Face & It Lipstick

I went to the shop to look for a lipstick. The saleslady asked about my brand. I showed my lipstick and she said that was out of stock because they already changed it. I asked what the good lipstick is and the saleslady recommended this FACE & it All About Lipstick. Oh~ it's great because I have FACE & it eye shadow, BB cream and mascara.

I took the FACE & IT All About Lipstick Glossy RD301. I love the color. It's not dark and it's simple. It glazes your lips with soft creamy shine. Creamy texture glides on smooth to give soft color and moisture shine for lovely dewy lips. I really love it!

Here it is. The case is very cute specially the color.

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