Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Super BB Cream

BB Cream is a must-have item and because my hubby already trusted the products of tosowoong, he told me to use the Tosowoong Super BB Cream so he ordered for me. Super BB Cream is SPF 15, anti-wrinkle, skin cover, and make-up base.

The magnetic polarity of bald particle ingredients help to cover and protect the skin from noxious outside environment being contained give. It is a multi effect product that can use simply because it can use as a make up base or foundation substitution.

My former brand, the Power Perfection BB cream was also good. It was SPF37/PA++ and the skin looks clearer and smoother. It also covers the spots on the face.

This tosowoong BB cream is also good because of its anti-wrinkle. I used to hate the smell of traditional korean medicine but I got used to it. Besides, I think the smell gives special effect to the skin.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Freebies from Tosowoong

We got another freebies from tosowoong after buying some of their products again. They give many freebies and when I use them, I always want to get the products. I think their products are good quality. As soon as you try it, I can feel that something good effect will happen on my skin. I don't know if because I am just a fan of their products but I think it's really good for the skin.

There are acne foam cleansing, emulsion, skin toner, crystal whitening cream, blackhead nose pack, cooling gel, bb cream, etc.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Osory Oil 100% Mineral Soap

Besides from the monster soap***, this mineral soap is also one of the best soap that I've ever tried. Like the monster soap, it also cleanses the face carefully. It makes the skin clear, soft and smooth.

The box of the mineral soap is pure white so I expected the content to be white but I was what I saw inside.

It's dark brown. It looks like chocolate.

Instead of cleansing soap, we switched to mineral and monster soap. Mineral soap is for my hubby and I have the monster soap.

The soaps are both good for the skin. They cleanse easily and makes the skin soft and smooth. The difference is, the mineral soap makes the skin smoother but monster soap cleanses better. So for me who wears make-up, monster soap is better and for my hubby, mineral soap is much better.

I don't get anything from tosowoong but I can say that their products are good. Oh, but the price is a little bit high. They are a little bit expensive.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Monster Cleansing Soap

Have you ever heard of the monster soap? Well, it's also my first time to see this monster soap of tosowoong. When my hubby bought sets of their products, we received a sample of the soap. My hubby told me to try it because the products that we bought are all good, I decided to use it and it didn't disappoint me because like other products of tosowoong, this monster soap is also great for the skin.

It cleanses the skin well. I don't need to use make-up and eye remover because it cleanses well including mascara. It's more comfortable because cleans my face easily. It removes the make-up easily.

What interests me more about the monster soap is its story. It says that long time ago, there was an ugly prince who became handsome after using the soap. Haha...

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Crystal Intensive Whitening Cream

I am now a regular user of Tosowoong. I have most of its products. But it burdens me to put several steps on my face. After washing my face, I use the First Essence AP Therapy, next the Osory Skin Toner, then Osory Oil Essence, next Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle Btx, and then Osory Emulsion, finally this Crystal Intensive Whitening Cream.

My hubby said that it's good for my freckles. It whitens the skin so it can also remove the freckles. My hubby also uses it. It really works well on his face. He already has white skin but it makes his face softer and smoother. He is a big fan of tosowoong. He's so happy to see the good effects of it on his face. And so mine, too! Because of its good result on our skin, my hubby can't wait to wait for the bottle to be emptied so he ordered two more.

Now, I don't need to be worried to lose some cosmetics because I have lots of extra cosmetics in cabinet.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Atrix Strong Protection Hand Cream

Hand Lotion is also one of the items that I have all year round and Atrix Strong Protection Hand Cream is the brand that I can't never change specially in winter. It makes my hands soft and my fingernails strong so they don't cut often. I always keep my fingernails long so atrix stong protection hand cream is perfect for me.

When I went to e-mart, I went to the area where I can get some toothpaste and I saw that the hand cream is on sale so I got one.

It is also 66% more compared to the other bottles so I decided to get one even if the one that I have at home has still much content. For me, buying more with the same product that we still have doesn't mean we are shopaholic but I consider them a wise buyer like me. Don't you think so?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Secret Blossom Body Wash and Sunscreen

It's now summer so Sunscreen is one of the must-have-item of the year so I went to the faceshop and was looking for my sunscreen brand but the bottle has been changed so I asked the saleslady where it was. She showed this item and said that the products has been upgraded to eco-beauty so the bottle has been changed.

Also, instead of secret blossom lotion, I decided to get the secret blossom body wash because I don't want to use lotion in summer because it makes my skin sticky. I also don't use sunscreen for my body unless if I go out under the sun. But I use sunscreen for my face even if I stay home. You know, I live on top of the building so the sun is too close to me even if I close the windows, blind and curtains. It's true! We have blind on the windows and we also have curtains to cover the whole windows so when they are closed it's too dark even in the afternoon. But still, I use sunscreen.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cute Summer Clothes

I don't usually post here the clothes that I buy but today, I think I bought the cute summer clothes so I want to share them to you. I met my friend that I haven't seen for many years and we had lunch together. On my way home, I got off downtown and decided to shop for summer clothes because it's now summer and I need to get new clothes. Look, what I've got!

Two shorts, 2 shirts and 4 pairs of short stockings. I got them for a very low price in one store. But the problem is, the saleslady didn't want to accept my credit card maybe because she gave me for a cheaper price so I paid in cash.

What worries me now, is I lost some of my allowance because if I paid by card, then it will be deducted in my husband's account but because I used card so my allowance for this month decreased. But I'm still happy because I think I got them for a very low price.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX

We can't deny that we are getting old so Anti-wrinkle is a must-have item for me who is afraid to look old. Or should I say that my hubby is concern about my look? Whatever! My hubby bought one each of the products but this anti-wrinkles, he got two. And I'm glad that the product didn't disappoint us because I can see the good effects of the product. When my boss asked his daughters who is older than me and my other co-worker, his daughters chose my co-worker. They said it's because my co-worker has wrinkles around her eyes and I don't have. I was so happy to hear that and it means that this Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX is working well on me. Thanks to you tosowoong.

From the name itself, Tosowoong Anti-Wrinkle BTX is good for wrinkles. It contains adenosin and peptide which I think the best ingredient to avoid and remove wrinkles.

How to use: Put a little amount of anti-wrinkle on palm and apply it on the face and neck. But for me, I only use it under my eyes. The part where I have wrinkles. I apply it after Osory Oil Essence.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Osory Oil Essence

Even when I apply First Essence, still my hubby bought this Osory Oil Essence. After the toner, essence applies next. My hubby doesn't like this osory oil essence much because it's too oily. It makes the face too oily and shiny. It feels uncomfortable but it has good result to my skin. So even my hubby told me not to apply it if I feel uncomfortable, I still do because I think it's good. Anyway, I apply it only at night when I go to bed so it's okay even if it's too oily.

Tosowoong Osory Oil Essence is made with osory oil and marine-collagen to help maintain and balance the skin need. It also cleanses, clears and completes the lack of nutrition of the skin.

How to use: It is used before using cream. Put about 2-3 drops on your palm and apply it on face and neck. I never use it on my neck though because it's too oily.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Osory Skin Toner and Emulsion

As soon as the products arrived, we washed our faces and tried it. Oh gosh! You can't imagine how it works on our faces. My hubby said that the price worths it. It is 23,000won each. Not that expensive I think. It's true what the reviews or comments are written in their website. It's real! Tosowoong Products are good. (I didn't get anything from Tosowoong company. I'm just giving my piece of words about their products based on what I'm feeling now.) From First Essence to this skin toner and emulsion, I can say that it's the best products that I've ever tried, so far.

This Osory Oil Skin Toner and Emulsion smoothes and moistures the skin. It has collagen, t-tree oil, Vitamin F and Vitamin E that our skin needs.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Essence AP Therapy

I know about the essence but I've never heard of the First Essence before, until my hubby bought this TIMESHIFT First Essence AP Therapy from Tosowoong.

It helps protect the skin from the dryness and other skin problems after washing your face from removing make-up. There are times that our face is rough after washing it so with this first essence, it makes our skin so smooth and soft.

This Time Shift First Essence AP Therapy also helps whiten the skin and help remove wrinkles. Apply it after washing your face. It is the first one or first step in your cosmetics. It applies before the skin toner which I think toner comes first. But this essence is the first one to apply that's why it is called the "First Essence".

You can see some differences when you apply it on your face. It's a kind of magic. You will never know unless you will apply it.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tosowoong Beauty Innovation

We always watch the online shopping on TV and when we see some cosmetics on sale, we always want to buy everything. We ordered once but before my hubby went to bed, he decided to cancel it and search on the internet about good cosmetics. We can't deny that we are getting old so my hubby is very concern and sensitive about our looks.

Tony Moly whitening is good and affordable but my hubby wants to buy more so as he searched on the net, he found out about Tosowoong Beauty Innovation. He read lots of reviews and some comments about the products and he trusted what is written on the wallpost. My hubby is not that kind of person who believes easily but he was attracted with the products so he ordered Osory Skin Toner, Emulsion, Essence, Crystal Whitening Cream and Anti-Wrinkle BTX online. He ordered while I was sleeping and the next day, he showed me his order on the internet and he decided to order more. Instead of one Crystal Whitening Cream, he made it two, and added two more orders on the Anti-Wrinkle BTX so he ordered three. It's too obvious that he's afraid to grow and look old.

After two days, my hubby's order arrived. Here it is including some freebies or sample cosmetics from Tosowoong.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wireless Mouse

When we bought our laptop, we received two mouses for free so when my hubby told me to buy a wireless mouse, I refused it. But then he complained, he said that he's very uncomfortable using the mouse so he went to the supermarket and bought this wireless mouse.

Although I refused him to buy a wireless mouse, when I saw that it looks good with our laptop, I felt so happy. It's so cute and comfortable to use it. The mouse is lighweight and has specific design that allows to enhance portability. The wireless mouse can be used up to 10m within. It can also switched to standby mode for saving power and when the button is pressed or moved the scroll, it can be used again.

The 2.4GHz wireless mouse can use within 10m. It is USB Nano receiver, has one year warranty and needs two AAA battery.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Having Trouble with Uploading Photos at Blogger

What's wrong with the blogger now a days? Why can't I upload my pictures here on my blog? I want to create post with photos but due to trouble of uploading pictures, I can't publish a post. I just think that my blog is not fun without pictures specially my blog is about shopping. If I don't post photos, how can my readers believe that I have those items that I mention in my blog? I have lots of items to blog about. But unluckily, I can't upload the pictures so I can't create ones.

I hope the problem with uploading photos at blogger will be fixed soon so I can update my blog. I hope..I hope...

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Face it Maxx' Eye Mascara

My eyes are one of my assets so I always give more attention to them. Eyebrows and mascara are my MUST HAVE items. I always wear them when I go out so I spend much mascara and try to choose the best ones.

Today, I went to my favorite cosmetics shop because I need suncream. As you know, I always wear suncream even in winter and when I'm at home. I was looking for my brand when I saw this new brand of mascara from Face it, the Maxx' Eye Mascara Plus Long Lash. The more coats, longer eyelash extensions. It has 2-comb brush for double lengthening effects. A new concept in last extension by lengthening lashes as much as you desire by applying several coats with a nylon brush and a comb brush.

I tried it once and I can see that my eyelashes are getting longer every time I wear this mascara. My co-workers even asked if I wear fake eyelashes. When I said they are real, someone tried to pull some before they believed me. Even when I don't wear mascara it seems like my eyelashes got longer. But the problem is, my eyes sometimes painful when I wear it for a long time. In my case, I stay at work all day until night so I can't wash my eyes so sometimes they are painful and tears fall down so I wipe my eyes with tissue after a few hours. I think it's because I have oily skin so when my eyes gets wet, the mascara goes to my eyes and it causes some pain.

Here's the direction on how to use the mascara. First, use the nylon brush of the 2-comb brush to arrange brushes neatly from their roots to tips. Next, use the comb brush to fully coat the lashes with mascara and fiber. (For maximum effects, coat several times.) If there are any clamps, use the nylon brush to remove them and arrange the lashes neatly.

Caution: Wash immediately if formula enters eye. Discontinue using the product if it causes skin problems. After each use, close the lid tightly to prevent the content from hardening.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My LG Optimus 3G Cellphone

I usually come home later than my hubby and last Friday, I came home without my husband at home so I tried to find him in the rooms because I thought he was hiding like what he usually did when he wants to have fun of me. I searched him in all the room and bathrooms and even in the verandas but I couldn't find him so I tried to call him using my cellphone. But I couldn't contact him. I tried many times and my cellphone always says that my phone is unregistered. I thought my hubby was making fun of me so I tried several times but it's still the same so I waited for him to come. After less than 30 minutes, he came home with two shoppin bags on his hand. They are our new cellphones. He said he went to the cellphone shop and bought two cellphones for two of us.

He bought the same cellphones, the LG Optimus 3G Smart Phone.

Our cellphones are 100% the same. We usually use computer or watch TV at home but since we had our new cellphones, we rarely use our computer because we can use internet on our cellphones. Luckily, we have wi-fi at home so it's free to use the internet even without using our computer. My hubby said he made the right choice when he got the wi-fi connection. At first, it was only because of our laptop that's why we got the wi-fi but now it's also for our cellphones. There are also lots of fun games. Music videos and youtube is also free.

As I said, our cellphones are 100% similar so my hubby bought me this cellphone case a few days later. He didn't tell me about it, he just put it on top of the dish rack so I found it when I washed the dishes. Weeee, he's so sweet! He was smiling when I saw it. I was so happy because it's so cute!

Look! It's also a kind of wallet where I can put some bills and cards inside.

Thank you darling! I love you so much! I think the enter of the new year is good for me. I forgot to make a new year's resolution or must-have list for this year and I remember that a new cellphone is one of my list and you already gave me one. It's just the beginning of the month and I love it very much!

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