Sunday, June 13, 2010

I love Jewels

Before our wedding day, my father in law bought us some jewelries. Set of gold jewelries for both of us and another set of diamonds for me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw them. I couldn't believe that my father in law who hated me before and didn't want me for his son could spend that amount of money only for jewelries. We are ladies and I'm a liar if I would say that I don't like jewels. I love wearing different jewelries when I go to work.

I'm fond of jewels and I love it when I receive from my hubby when there's an occasion. But now I always want to buy or receive pearls. I don't have pearls and I really want to have one.

When my friend went to another country for a honeymoon, her mother in law asked her to buy a pearl necklace as a present for her. Why does she have to buy there when she can buy them online for a cheap price? At least she can choose the kind of pearls that she wants like akoya pearls, Freshwater Pearls, tahitian pearls, South Sea Pearls, etc. She can even buy sets of pearls because there are also earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

Looking at the pearls make me feel like getting a necklace for myself and a set of pearls for my mom in law. I just thought that my mother in law also love to receive pearls like my friend's mother in law. If they could give me sets of jewelries, I think it would be better if I could also get one for my mother in law as a sign of my love for her. You know, I'm not a showy person. I can't show and tell my in laws how much I love them but maybe giving them presents specially pearls can tell how much I love them.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Face & it Extreme Transforming Mascara

I received a message on my cellphone from the Faceshop about the event that they have. Buy the Face & it Extreme Transforming Mascara and get the Face & it lipsticks for free so I went to the shop and bought it.

Here's the Face & it Extreme Transforming Mascara and eyeliner.

Face & it Extreme Transforming Mascara is a magnifying mascara with unique convertible brush for complete lash transformation.

Instant Multi Transforming System
1. Uniquely designed flexible brush instantly transforms into oblique shape to add infinite volume and culr to each lash hair
2. Black diamond's deepest black for intense, mesmerizing eyes
3. Clump-free elastic pumping formula stays soft after layers of coat
4. Stubborn smudge-resistant formula easy to remove with warm water.

1. Gently lift up the skin of your upper eyelid using a finger. Hold the brush to base of lashes and wiggle brush as you brush through alshes for clean, clump-free application.
2. Turn the upper part of the cap following the arrow and apply a secod coat to separate. Curl and add volume to each lash.

1. Wash immediately if formula enters eye.
2. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.
3. For external use only.
Expiry Date: 24 months after dater of production or 6 months after opening. Store in a cool dark place at temperature between 20-30 degrees.
And here's the lipstick. They are smooth and shiny.

Doesn't my cellphone look better with the mobile mini lipgloss and eyeliner?

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