Sunday, January 13, 2013

My LG Optimus 3G Cellphone

I usually come home later than my hubby and last Friday, I came home without my husband at home so I tried to find him in the rooms because I thought he was hiding like what he usually did when he wants to have fun of me. I searched him in all the room and bathrooms and even in the verandas but I couldn't find him so I tried to call him using my cellphone. But I couldn't contact him. I tried many times and my cellphone always says that my phone is unregistered. I thought my hubby was making fun of me so I tried several times but it's still the same so I waited for him to come. After less than 30 minutes, he came home with two shoppin bags on his hand. They are our new cellphones. He said he went to the cellphone shop and bought two cellphones for two of us.

He bought the same cellphones, the LG Optimus 3G Smart Phone.

Our cellphones are 100% the same. We usually use computer or watch TV at home but since we had our new cellphones, we rarely use our computer because we can use internet on our cellphones. Luckily, we have wi-fi at home so it's free to use the internet even without using our computer. My hubby said he made the right choice when he got the wi-fi connection. At first, it was only because of our laptop that's why we got the wi-fi but now it's also for our cellphones. There are also lots of fun games. Music videos and youtube is also free.

As I said, our cellphones are 100% similar so my hubby bought me this cellphone case a few days later. He didn't tell me about it, he just put it on top of the dish rack so I found it when I washed the dishes. Weeee, he's so sweet! He was smiling when I saw it. I was so happy because it's so cute!

Look! It's also a kind of wallet where I can put some bills and cards inside.

Thank you darling! I love you so much! I think the enter of the new year is good for me. I forgot to make a new year's resolution or must-have list for this year and I remember that a new cellphone is one of my list and you already gave me one. It's just the beginning of the month and I love it very much!

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