Sunday, September 28, 2008

My old new shoes you remember my post here? Yeah, I went back to the store and bought them. Here they are! My old new shoes.

I say my old new shoes because they are my new shoes that hubby said they are old style shoes that old woman long time ago wore. Ouch! He blamed me for not taking a picture first before buying them. In short he doesn't like them. But he's kind enough to let me wear them. Because when I said that I like them so much, he just said to wear them rarely. Oh well, it's so sad that they didn't pass in my hubby's taste. How about you? What do you think of them?

If you don't like the shoes, I hope you will like this.
I also bought this summer cloth. I was going to the bus stop when I saw it on sale so I bought it. Although I can't wear it now because it's already fall, but i'll make sure to wear it in the summer. I like the cross back style so I bought it and it fits well on me.

Here's my tip on buying clothes. When its cold most summer clothes are on sale and vice versa. So I sometimes take this opportunity to buy some clothes for a very low price.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I like those shoes

It was too early to come home so I dropped by to the downtown last night. I decided to walk around and window shop so I saw a pair of shoes. I'd like to buy them but I'm worried that my hubby will not like them. When I buy stuffs which is something expensive, I have to go out with my hubby because if he didn't like the stuff, he would never allow me to wear it.

I want the shoes and I almost bought them but I suddenly thought of my hubby. Instead of buying the shoes I bought this sleeping dress.

My hubby likes red and I'm glad that he likes it. I bought it because it's not too expensive so it's okay even when I don't wear it. When I came home, I also told him about the leather shoes and explained the style. He told me to go back to the shopping mall tonight and take a photo of those shoes and show him. Ngiiii....I like the shoes but I don't want to go in that store again just to take a picture. I'll just go back there if I'll buy them. Hmmmmpp....

Friday, September 19, 2008

stockings and straps

I know summer will be over soon but because it's still hot so I bought this foot stockings and windbag brassiere straps. It's already September and there's no sign of fall season. You'll still see ladies wearing shorts, skirts and sleeveless shirt.

I can't go out without wearing stockings or socks so I have to wear these stockings even when I wear high heels shoes. These stockings are a little bit thicker so I'm thinking of wearing them later. I still prefer to use the thin ones because it's still hot.

As what I've said, it's still hot so I still wear summer clothes so I can still use these brassiere straps. Although I already have, I don't like it when I change the straps so at least these pairs of windbag could help specially when I'm a hurry.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Gifts

It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday so we spent our holidays (Friday-Sunday) at my parents in law's house. I was in the bedroom when my mother in law came and took something from the cabinet and gave me a small jewelry box.

When I opened it, look what i've got from her. Another set of silver earrings and a necklace.

I said "another" because she also gave me a set of jewelries last time not only earrings and a necklace but with a set of bracelet and a ring. Unfortunately, I lost the bracelet which I still regret until now.

Not only that. I also got a giorgio armani sunglasses from my father in law.

This is also my second sunglasses gift that I got from my father in law. The first one was when he went to China and he gave me sunglasses as a remembrance from his travel. My hubby said, I look like a celebrity with those sunglasses which made me laughed out loud.

Although my in laws usually give me some presents even when there's no occasion but it still surprised me when I received this gifts because I always don't expect of receiving anything from them. They are so sweet and I'm always grateful for their love, kindness and care.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My hair and its stuffs

Here's my new hairstyle. I was trying to take a picture of it but it's hard to do it by myself so here's what i've got. I took it while looking at the mirror. I tried many times but I couldn't get a better photo. I was at the study room using the computer when I suddenly thought of taking a picture of my new hairstyle.

The shampoo that I bought is just perfect for my newly dyed hair. I used to buy the Elastine Volume Control Shampoo and Rinse but last time I bought the Damage Control Shampoo and Rinse because it has a free Essence. Yes, Elastine is my brand because it makes my hair soft and shiny. My students like touching my hair specially when it was long. I once imitated the Elastine commercial where the talent said "Elastine hessoyo" (I used Elastine) in front of my students and they sometimes asked me to do it again and again.

I also bought a new hairdryer. My old one is small and old-fashioned style. It also get hot easily so i'm afraid that it could damage my hair so I bought this salonshine 1200w thermoprotect hairdryer. I like it because it is cooler and more comfortable to use.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My new hairstyle

I went to the hairsalon to get a haircut and had my hair dyed. Just the same color as what I had. Blonde hair. That's the hairsalon that I always go to. I'm their regular customer. The owner of that hairsalon was already changed four times. And when the owner changed, the workers changed, too! The owner now was a former worker before. She told her employee what my hairstyle is but I told her that I just want them to dye my hair and get a haircut. I used to get a magic straight, blonde and haircut so she asked me why not the magic straight. I said because I want them to cut my hair short so I don't need a magic straight.

When she was cutting my hair she asked me if that was enough so I told her to cut more. Now I have my shoulder length hair. After long years of not getting a short haircut, I now feel different. My hair is lighter and I don't need to worry on how to bind my hair. I don't need to spend much shampoo and rinse, either. And I don't need to spend much time washing and drying it. And the most important thing, my hubby likes my new hairstyle. hehehe...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My face powder

I was fixing my make up when I suddenly fell down my foundation so it crushed and became powder. When I opened it, there's some powder that leaves on my hands or blouse so I don't use it anymore. I bought a new one.

I only bought that powder that is in the box and I got all the remaining products for free. The two small bottles are toner and moisturizer and that big bottle is a corn silk tea which is one of my favorite drinks. They said the tea is good for our health and skin that's why they are giving away this tea if you'll buy some cosmetics. Too strange, I think! They can just give samples of cosmetics but they sometimes give something to eat or drink, too! Last time I also received a chocolate when I bought suncream. I thought it was also a cosmetic but even when I looked it closer and read the bar many times, it was really a chocolate so I had a taste of it and it really was.

Here's my face powder. The Flower Real UV Intense Powder Pact SPF 50+PA++.